Windsurf: Ola H.  
Hot Sails Maui SO 4.5
Starboard EVO 70

Photo: Jonas Hörnstein

  • Nice head high waves! It was pretty cross on though. The images are from the same day the 2006 Guincho WC was run.
  • First pic (of 5) of a cutback sequence.
  • Pic 2 of 5 in sequence. A kind of nice kind of vertical hit. This is the exact kind of thing that I like to do - and that the EVO boards like to do as well.
  • Pic 3 of 5 in sequence. Coming in nicely under the lip.
  • Pic 4 of 5 in sequence. Gauging.
  • Last image of the cut back sequence. I crashed it, but it was a nice feel anyway.
  • Bottom turn. Pic 1 of 6 in sequence.
  • Bottom turn. Pic 2 of 6 in sequence.
  • Bottom turn. Starting to set up the cut back. Pic 3 of 6 in sequence.
  • Setting up the cut back. Pic 4 of 6 in sequence.
  • Cutback, right at the apex of the turn. It looks a bit slidey, but it was actually grip all the way. The EVO handles these kinds of turns too. Pic 5 och 6 in sequence.
  • I sailed away from this one.. Pic 6 och 6 in sequence.